iOS Universal Application (2014)

Redesign of the Télérama universal iOS app. The primary objective was to allow a quick look at television programs and to have it always at the fingertips of the user. Also it was supplemented by recommendations of Télérama's teams.


Télérama is a french major cultural magazine. Its mission is to help readers better organize their leisure, particularly through a grid of television programs but also by highlighting cultural recommendations. Its target audience is upper class. I was in charge of the project design and assisting Télérama's team in his reflection on which benefits could bring mobile apps to their users.


The redesign of the app aims to optimize the consultation of the TV guide of the most requested time slots ("right now" and "this evening"). So that the app falls within the daily habits of the user. Users benefit from several features like Télérama's recommendations, potential repeats information and a reminder feature. The TV channels order is customizable to suit everyone's habits and preferences.


Following the launch, we were able to receive user feedback in order to update the app in a constructive way. Further separation of the use cases on smartphones and tablets could be made by focusing on rapid consultation of TV programs for smartphones and focusing on editorial content for tablets. A true collaboration with Télérama's team for digital brand strategy made it a great design adventure.