iOS and Android Applications (2015)

Redesign of NRJ iOS and Android universal apps. The radio listening is the heart of the apps with an offer of 150 thematic and event radios.


NRJ is one of the most important french radio on the 15-34 target. The radio is broadcasted 24/24 and supports throughout the day its audience in multiple usage scenarios: mobility in public transport or cars, at the office or at home, alone or with others.
My role was to drive the project design team and support the client through the search and definition of users, reflection, concept selection, storyboards, mockups and testing.


Apps are primarily intended to provide an immediate control listening at any time and support the brand by integrating the new graphical identity. Tooltips pop up to guide user through the proper interaction and ensure he discovers the huge NRJ listening offer. The challenge was also to provide an efficient way of finding radios that fit the listener musical preferences and provide an easy access. 


The design stage was very formative, with direct user feedback through user testing aiming to validate the chosen direction. A real collaboration was established with developers to design key stages, storyboards and mockups and to talk about implementation. The collaboration would have benefited to be more sustained during the development phase, which would have allowed to save time on optimatisation performance for the Android platform.
The feedback was positive, users felt that the experience was natural and personal.