Courrier International

iOS and Android Applications (2013)

iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps design for Courrier International. The notion of curation of the best of the foreign press, all translated in French is the main strength of Courrier International, offering to its readers different points of view and perspectives of news.


Courrier International is originally a weekly French and foreign newspaper gathering a selection of over 1500 sources worldwide on several themes: political, economic, social, cultural ... A management account / subscription allows users to access certain items and benefit editions downloads.
I designed the app, research, storyboards and mockups. Under the supervision of the Creative Director, I worked in direct contact with the client.


The most important in information design is the hierarchy of information and clarity. Applications should provide an optimal reading experience taking advantage of the smarthpone and tablet and their respective use case scenarios. An interactive map was highlighted only on tablet to get a better affordance and a different perspective to the reader with geographic context.


Looking back on one of my first mobile projects, it is obvious that I would do things differently today : designing the interface to guide the user in an uncluttered way. Also nowadays I would'nt get caught up in the graphical trends. The grid of articles on tablet offers a real consulting experience of headlines while managing the dual orientation of the device. Overall it was a rewarding experience for this first release of an information project design.